Area 2.3 ha (5.7 acres)

Manzanillo, Talamanca, Limon, Costa Rica,
a town near better known Puerto Viejo.
In front of the Caribbean Sea.

•Direct access to the Caribbean sea
•One of the few left in this area of
the Caribbean coast of this size
and tropical splendor
•Beautiful flora and fauna

Manzanillo Beach Front Property, Costa Rica

This beautiful and unique property, one of the few left in this area of the Caribbean coast of this size and tropical splendor, borders on the Caribbean Sea. On the seaside, there are spectacular coconut tree-lined cream colored coralline sand beaches (best beaches of Costa Rica, Lonely Planet 2011 and other years), and inland - tropical vegetation with centuries-old trees alongside open spaces for development . Imagine parrots, monkey troops high above the ground - a true tropical paradise either for an exclusive development, or your dream beachfront house and property, or both – you decide!

The property is adjacent to the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife and Marine Refuge close to the Bribri indigenous peoples reserve, the jaguar rescue foundation, a dive center, as well as restaurants, inns and hotels that co-exist with these magnificent forests and coraline beaches. The 5303 ha Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Reserve contains beaches, hills, wetlands, coral reefs, lowland tropical rainforests, and extends from just beyond the main town – Puerto Viejo – “Old Harbour”, to the Panamanian border. The green turtle nests on the beaches, and manatees and toucans are just some of the many species you’ll see. Other smaller towns include Cocles and Manzanillo. The Bribri were the original dwellers, and they were followed by English-speaking Afro-Caribbean population from Jamaica, who established cocoa plantations over 100 years ago.

Nowadays, these original indigenous and black populations have been joined - because of the beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the area - by other Costarricans and people of other nationalities as reflected in the varied restaurants and inns – Italian, French, Chinese, Peruvian, Argentinian, Spanish, US, and so on…

Don’t forget to try the delicious fresh lobster and fish or the ethnic cooking in one of the many restaurants, or ride in a boat alongside the dolphins down the coast! Try the dance halls/clubs for the latest Caribbean, Latin and pop music! Biking or horseback riding, scuba diving in the coral reefs, surfing (the well-known Salsa Brava spot), trekking into the indigenous reserve are just a few things to do, or just relax on the beautiful beaches with a coconut drink.

This unique property is 2.3 ha in size (5.7 acres), a rarity in the area, particularly with direct access to the sea. Along the seafront in all of Costa Rica, laws require that the first 200 meters inland, a government permit to use the land is required. Beyond that, land can be titled. This property has both, not always a common feature in the region, with half the area titled and the other half with a permit of use.

I, Martin Raine, am the owner, and the Sunrise Coast Realty through Greogry Petin, is assisting the sale. Click on the “Contact Us” tab for details.